hello ! welcome to my lolita website ! ☆

my name is miranda (or mir !) , and i’m glad you’ve checked my website out !

i love fashion , especially lolita fashion , and i wanted to share my love with the world ♡ !!!

here you’ll find what you would expect from a lolita fashion page~ navigate with the links at the top to general pages , and have fun from there~!!

i love fashion , flowers , frilly things , antiquing , tea parties and all sorts of nerdy things too !

for egl: i’m mostly interested in classic lolita (with some sweet elements !) , especially oldschool-style !!!

i’m lucky to be a part of a great comm with lots of friends ,

but i consider the online world and community to be important too ! let’s be friends ♡ !

last updated: june 2 2024

*best at 1680 x 1050 on desktop !